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Yarns from Our Alpacas to You

Whatever you want to knit, weave or crochet, we have some great yarns to help you make a product you and your loved ones will appreciate and cherish for years.

Our Fav Picks for Knitting and Crocheting

We offer pure alpaca softness and warmth in our locally-made yarns!

At Love’s Grace Farms we love our alpacas and we love creating great fiber products for our customers.

Enjoy browsing our website to learn more about the unique qualities of our camelids and the products that come from them.

Located in the rolling hills west of Olds, Alberta, Love’s Grace Farms is home to 200+ alpacas. Our animals are sheared in the spring and have their babies (crias) in the summer. Grass is plentiful and we don’t hear too many complaints about the hay.

Enjoy knitting, crocheting or weaving with our warm and soft yarns. Make perfect gifts that will be loved and cherished.

Are you making socks, scarves, mittens or blankets? Whatever you’re creating on needles, hooks or reeds, we’ve got a great selection of alpaca yarns for your project!

We design our yarns with your specific needs in mind

Treated with Care

Our alpacas eat, sleep, thrive and enjoy all the benefits of Love’s Grace Farms – best hay in Alberta and yearly stylin’ haircuts!

Ethically Sourced Sustainable Farming

All feed is locally sourced or grown on our farm. And everything coming out of the barns goes right back onto the hay fields to make more hay!

At shearing time, no fiber is thrown away.

Just shorn Female Alpacas reunited with their fuzzy baby Crias

Mama alpaca and crias

Mother Alpaca and two baby crias

From our Alpacas to You

Everything in our store is grown on our farm and spun in local mills. We support the local Alberta economy and are proud to bring you quality Alberta products.

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